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Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil Soap

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations across the Mediterranean Sea; Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and others, discovered the healing powers of Olive Oil especially as a cosmetic.

In modern times science has consistently proven its dermatological benefits. Naturally rich with vitamins E and K, along with many antioxidants. Olive Oil has regenerating powers for the skin and hair tissues and has the ability to regulate the natural moisturizing system of the skin.

Skin and hair cleansed with Olive Oil soap retain moisture, resilience, suppleness, and brightness. Olive Oil provides protection during hot humid summers and dry winters.

Made with extra virgin olive oil, Oliva Soft and Oliva Derm, smoothens, heals, softens and protects the skin and hair. Our products will pamper your skin and hair with a silky soft feeling and a luxurious texture. Our fragrances have been carefully chosen with our fragrance partners after many studies to create a perfect match with the olive oil compounds to complement each of our products.